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Infotech Solutions  can provide a fully virtualized computing environment complete with servers and storage that is application aware. We can quickly set up powerful, secure, always available private and hybrid clouds with incredible ease of management and tremendous flexibility. No matter how your organization’s needs grow, how demanding its internal users, the compliances and policy frameworks needed for security Infotech Solutions  cloud will help your organization thrive in the cloud.

Big Data In Education

Big will play a very important role in guiding the education reforms, assisting teachers to provide a better learning, also will help institutes to develop their business and grow it. Each and every sector is facing some of the challenges, here we are going to enlist some challenges and development trends for the big data in education sector that can be detected for the coming years. Also the various role of big data in education.

  • One of the biggest challenges for the big data in the education industry is to firstly generate a data-informed mind sets and also to ensure that it should manage carefully and effectively and should to the reach end users. The use of big data in education sector requires a new approach, tools, skills to successfully complete the promise of the analytics and BI. For the institution, they need to ensure the use of big data at all the levels and also need to structure their workflow in that manner.
  • Big data will also provide a new way to analyse, manage and use the real-time student data. The contextual and the real-time information can be used  to provide the real-time intelligence about the students and also the connected learning atmosphere and will contribute to the open-ended and  student directed learning.

Monitoring and Evaluating Education Sector

Infotech Solutions  provides digital devices and tablets so that you can use our cloud solution to an optimal level and derive results and reports according to your requirements. We have sold many tablet and networking devices to clients who are working the education sector to reforms and improve the monitoring and evaluation system of their educational organization.

Other than all these listed points, there are so many opportunities of big data in the education sector which will ultimately help in transforming learning process. Also learning analytics as well as data mining is included in the curriculum. There are also so many advantages of online courses as it provides a personalized experience to the learners, flexibility and creates different communities to practice.

Talking about particularly about the big data scenario in education system then right now it’s not so mature to use the power of big data and also it is very hard to say that when it will be adopted by the institutions. This is the need of the hour now to analyze the volume of big data that is captured and the use it for the data planning in education reforms.

Big Data can also be utilized to play a very vital role in the two main domains academics and sports performances of students and also the performances of teachers over a particular period of time. The big data tools can be used to analyze the skills of a particular student. The tool will help teachers to analyze the performance of a student on a particular assignment that is assigned to him/her. Order now to receive the Teacher Impact report, which has been used by some of our clients to monitor their student performance inside as well as outside the class.


Having done some of the most complex implementations in some of the largest companies in emerging markets, Infotech Solutions knows how critical the information technology environment is to the core functioning of an enterprise. Infotech Solutions is known by its end users for approaching implementations not as projects but as game changing initiatives that re-invent entire companies.






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